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Creamy Broccoli Salad with Bacon

January 25, 2022

Easy and quick bacon and broccoli salad. Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a side to bring to a party! Only 10 mins to make. If you are not a fan of pomegranate, try swapping it out for dried cranberries.

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Review of Vessel Health: 3- min In-home wellness test

January 20, 2022

Ever wanted a simple in-home test to measure your health? In this video, I share my review on Vessel Health. These daily wellness cards are designed to give you real-time feedback on some of your major biomarkers, including cortisol, hydration, and magnesium. Be sure to stick to the end to see how you can win…

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How to use Orange Essential Oil | Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

January 13, 2022

Do you have a bottle of orange oil sitting on your shelf and you have no idea how to use it, or are you just looking for more great uses of this powerful oil? Then you in the right place, coming up I am going to share my favorite ways on how to use it.…

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Dairy Free, Gluten Free Eggnog

November 15, 2021

**Read all the way to the end to get entered in a Christmas Giveaway!** Since going dairy and gluten-free, one of the things I have really been missing from my holidays is Egg Nog. It was just one of those things that make it feel like the holidays. Of course, I also used to purchase…

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Vanilla Peach Muffins

October 29, 2021

Looking for a great Fall Muffin? Try these easy Vanilla Peach Muffins.   Looking for more recipe ideas? Get my free meal planning pack here.

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best essential oils for anxiety and stress

Best essential oils for anxiety and stress and how to use them

August 6, 2021

It seems that everyone these days is dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. Fortunately, there are a lot of natural remedies for these conditions. One way is to use different essential oils! In this blog post, I will discuss the best essential oils for anxiety and stress. There are many essential oil blends that can…

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[VIDEO] My Backyard Garden Tour update | July 2021

July 8, 2021 Gardening season is here! There is nothing like heading out to the garden and being able to pick your own fresh organic vegetables. This year my little garden received some improvements that I am so excited for! See how I am creating my garden space on a budget and keeping my chickens out of…

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April 29, 2021
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[VIDEO] My Garden Tour 2021 | How I keep my chickens out of the garden | VLOG

April 25, 2021

  I’m so excited for Garden season. This year my little garden received some improvements that I am so excited for! See how I am creating my garden space on a budget. Gate: #gardentour #smallgardener

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[VIDEO] How I made an indoor grow light garden set up on the cheap 2021

April 25, 2021

  There are so many great pretty grow light systems out there but they are so expensive and not in my budget so here is what I did to create my own. Autoimmune Strategies Summit – 🌿 Video Sections: 0:00 Intro 4:30 Tour of Indoor grow light system for vegtables Items I used: Shelf:…

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How To Plan A Garden, The Digital Way!

April 20, 2021

  Since I have an autoimmune disease, I try and eat mostly organic. If you’ve ever purchased organic produce, you know that it can be expensive so growing your own can save you money. Over the past few years, I have also come to love the gardening experience. In the past, I would draw out…

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Making pancakes healthy and fun!

April 16, 2021

Next Sunday morning try out these healthy and fun natural color pancakes. So easy!

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Find Out How I Use The Paprika App For Meal Planning To Save Loads Of Time

January 9, 2021

Looking for recipe ideas? Get my meal planning pack here free. Save time and money by meal planning. See how I do it quickly with a meal planning app.   Meal planning might sound like a time-consuming activity, but it does not have to be. And, if you have not done meal planning before, now…

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Keto Pesto Zoodles with Chicken

November 22, 2020

The holidays are here! And that usually means not eating a balanced meal. Stay ahead of it by meal planning and using quick, easy to make healthy recipes like the one below. Next week I will give a walk-through on how I meal plan for two weeks in under an hour! Check below for a…

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Christmas Sugar Scrub – Easy Gift Idea

November 14, 2020

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to enter the giveaway! Looking for a quick and easy wonderful gift? Try making some homemade sugar scrub. It’s easy, fast, and wonderful. Here is what you need (this is enough to make 4-5 jars, depending on your size of jar): 3 1/2 cups coconut oil…

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