Should I get backyard chickens?

I thought long and hard over the past year on if I should get chickens. I’ve been researching and reading all about chickens the past year and finally talked hubby into letting me get them.

The first thing you have to find out is that if you are allowed to have them where you live. Check with your city ordinances, there is also an online forum called backyard chickens and they have a thread all about laws and ordinances that might help.

You have also have to agree to taking care of them just like any other animal. They will need to be feed every day and need fresh water. For a while, I put off getting them because I wasn’t sure I wanted to trek out to the coop when it’s 30 below out. But I decided I was ok with that! Check out the video for some more discussion on what you should think about.

Here are the chicks when I picked them up from Fram and Fleet. It’s important to research where to buy the chicks, some places have a minimum number you have to buy.



My son is absolutely loving them too, the other day I found him reading to the chicks.


Items you need for a brooder (chicken starter kit)

  • Most important, heat! Chicks usually have a mama to keep them warm so if you don’t have one of those you need to get a heater. Since heat lamps are hard to control and are prone to tipping and starting fires, I decided to spend a little more and go with a broodie heater.
  • Food – I went with a non-medicated organic chick feed.
  • Pine shavings for the bottom (Note: DO NOT go with cedar chips they are harmful to the chicks respority system)
  • of course food and water dishes
  • container with breathable lid

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