How to use Orange Essential Oil | Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Do you have a bottle of orange oil sitting on your shelf and you have no idea how to use it, or are you just looking for more great uses of this powerful oil?

Then you in the right place, coming up I am going to share my favorite ways on how to use it.

Orange oil is loved for it’s bright clean scent, it also is packed with d-limonene, which has so many great health benefits. The oil actually comes from the peel of the orange. It’s great for your skin, supporting your liver, great for your mood and one of the best things is it’s such an economical oil.

Way #1 – Diffuse Orange Essential Oil

  • On it’s own it’s have a great uplifting scent and some say it can help with creativity. Can help with anxiety in some cases
  • You can diffuse it on it’s own or in a blend.
  • I like to diffuse Rosemary and orange
  • During the holidays it’s great with cinnamon or clove.
  • Great for purify the air

Way #2 – Internally

  • add to water, great for detoxing, great for immunity, and digestion
  • add to smoothies… awesome in chocolate smoothies
  • less is more, very important

Way #3 – Topically

  • Great for your skin
  • rub on the neck, lympnoides to immprove immunity

Way #4 – DIY Cleaners

  • Add it to baking soda for a deodorizer or a sink scrub


Jen P

Hi! I'm Jen, and I love teaching others how to live a toxic-free life. It's time to ditch those chemicals and get back to better wellness.

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    I would like safe and natural recipes for cleaning and using on the body

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