Master Bath Remodel – Part 1

Today we went with the point of no return with our Master Bath Remodel. We moved in about 4 years ago and the only thing I had time/budget to do was paint (the walls were white before) and I added some updated cabinet handles. Now our house was built in 1990 but I am pretty sure the home owner used everything from the bargain bins because it looked like it was from the 80’s… and not the good 80’s.

So here are the before photos (well as it was this morning):


It’s hard to tell in the photo but the tile is actually pink and those are shell sinks. Oh and don’t miss those lovely light fixtures.

I think this was the worst of all… these cheesy 80’s flowers!! They have eerked me for the past 4 years!! Was so glad to see those gone today.

This tub is so enormous that you probably could fit 4 people in it. I never used it because it took so long to fill and the jets were so noisy. We are putting in a smaller corner soaker tub. So looking forward to relaxing in some soaker baths again!

Now I almost didn’t show the shower… that would be because it’s so yucky and embarrassing!! Beside more of the 80’s flowers it also had terrible yellow water stains on it (well water), mold, and tiles falling off (main reason we decided to do this remodel). Plastic shower basins should NEVER be used when you have well water!! I have tried everything to get it clean.. the only thing I have found that cleans it is CLR but OMG I can’t breath after I use that stuff. Oh and wait notice there was no cover on the light… for the past 4 years I have never turned on the shower light, I was so afraid of shorting it out…lol.

We have hired Better Built Remodeling to do the heavy stuff, my husband and I both work full time so we decided that instead of having this torn up for months and months that we needed to hire someone. Besides the fact that we really have never done stuff this home remodel intensive before so we probably would have added 3x the price in mistakes… ok maybe 4x 😛

Here are a few photos on how the bathroom looks after day one:

Can’t wait to see it develop!

Check out my idea board for the new bathroom.

What have been your bathroom remodel mistakes?



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