Food and Family

Food and Family they just go together right? Well for me they definitely do! Family dinners were a thing in our home while I was growing up and it didn’t stop when I moved out, I was back just about every Sunday. It’s just a great inspirational feeling when you get together with family and friends over a nice meal. I have a close extended family so family dinner get togethers were always happening.

Inspired by that feeling is a new show on the Hallmark subscription service called Feelin. The show is called Breaking Bread With Brooke Burke. It stars Florence Henderson and it’s just a joy to follow along as we go through with her as she describes family meals and her favorite dishes from her favorite restaurant. I love that you get the personal touch as well as some tips on how to cook some great recipes.

It was such a warm and fuzzy feeling to see this TV icon get giddy over meals with all her children and grandchildren. Even better is the second episode with Jane Seymour, I’m so inspired by the garden she has in her home and at how humble she is. Her story is just so inspiring!

Now to celebrate the start of this new show there is a contest happening!!

  1. So grab your phone (or any video maker device) and create a video of yourself saying BREAKING-BREAD-with-BROOKE-BURKE 5 times really fast!
  2. Submit your video on Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo or Facebook
  3. Then, tag your video with #BBwBBchallenge @BBBreaksBread.

Check out some of the fun with this tongue twister in this video!

Ok, your turn. Take a few mins and get entered in this contest!

Prizes include cooking supplies, a year subscription to Feeln Breaking Break with Brooke Burke Aprons/Bags and more!



Ok, I’m off now to make my video… Good Luck everyone!!


Jen P

Hi! I'm Jen, and I love teaching others how to live a toxic-free life. It's time to ditch those chemicals and get back to better wellness.

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