Essential Oils for Romance, Essential Oils for the Bedroom

Love is in the air! It’s time to talk about romance, passion, and everything in between…the sheets *wink*.

Before we get the heat going, we need to share some really important information.

Essential Oils can be used in multiple ways. Please be sure to use good quality oils and never the cheap ones from a big box store (there is a reason they are so much cheaper!)


  • Using oils in the diffuser is amazing for emotions. If you need a little confidence or help to get in the mood, your diffuser is going to be your BEST friend.


  • Applying oils topically is another option. You can apply them to vita flex points for the male and female reproductive systems: the outer right ankle for the female reproductive system and outer left ankle for the male reproductive system. The vita flex point for the brain (which is often our worst enemy) is the thumb of the hand and big toe of the foot. Other places are fair game as well. Don’t think too hard about it. No matter where you apply them, they will absorb into your skin and you are good to go.

NOTE: Anytime you are using essential oils for the first time, dilute it with a carrier oil* and apply it to your forearm to see how you respond. If it makes your skin red, you either need to dilute it further or avoid that essential oil.

It is also probably not a good idea to rub oils on your husband, you know where, if he has never used them before.


    • Please note if you are taking an essential oil internally that the bottle is labeled for that use. Young Living has made it easy by creating a vitality line.

Low Libido

It’s no secret that many of us suffer from low libido. I know! It sucks! There is nothing worse than your partner being in the mood and you have NO desire to be touched. It’s embarrassing and can often make you feel worse because you are letting your partner down. So let’s change that!

Here are a few reasons your libido could be lacking.

  • Birth control pills.
  • Menopause/Aging.
  • Family problems and stress.
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Trauma in your past
  • Toxins

Many suffer from autoimmune the can cause normal imbalances.

It’s time to deepen your connection with your partner by having an open and honest conversation about where you stand and what may be the cause. Then, I suggest getting rest and reaching for those oils to decrease any occasional stress so you can GET YOUR MOJO BACK!

For women, sex starts before we even get into the bedroom. Doing things throughout the day to help get you in the mindset can be just what you need to turn up the heat later.


When your schedule is crazy busy, sometimes you have to pencil in those important meetings between the sheets.


  • Use Orange, Sensation, or Geranium to get you in the mood. Apply topically or diffuse.
  • Orange – Brings joy to the heart, peace, and happiness to the mind.
  • Sensation – Encourage feelings of love and affection when diffused.
  • Geranium – May help ease nervous tension and lowers the defenses that may be preventing you from being open and receptive to new ideas.


A simple “Can’t wait to spend an evening alone” or “Thinking about your lips on mine” might be just enough to get the wheels turning on the other end. Remember when you were teenagers how fun it was to send notes in school.

Speaking of hormones…

Progesterone is a hormone in the body that impacts your libido. You NEED progesterone to have a libido. Progessence Plus serum, also referred to as PP or P+, contains USP-grade progesterone (from wild yam extract) and was developed by a doctor who specializes in women’s health. It is formulated specifically for women, and ideal for women over 30 that want to feel more relaxed and balanced.

Progessence Plus also makes a lovely perfume. Apply one drop to your wrists every night. After a week or two, you can apply one drop to wrists morning and night.

Note: If you’re pregnant, you don’t really need this one. So save yourself the money and restart it when you have that beautiful baby

An important sex hormone called Estradiol (the predominant estrogen throughout a woman’s body in her reproductive years) is produced in the ovaries. Estradiol is required for reproductive and sexual function. The most important takeaway is that a healthy reproductive system makes a girl happy.

Lady Sclareol* is an oil blend created especially for women to enhance the feminine nature and provide a relaxing experience when diffused.

SclarEssence*™ supports overall wellness with the properties of pure essential oils, including Clary Sage and Fennel.

Use these two oils in your daily regimen. Apply to female reproductive vita flex points or over your lower abdomen daily.

*I would avoid them during pregnancy as they both contain Clary Sage which is typically on “Oils to avoid during pregnancy” lists.


Apply ENDOFLEX daily over your adrenal glands (mid back) and thyroid (throat) or ingest a few drops of Endoflex Vitality in water to support your endocrine system. #ADRENALSUPPORT



Dragon Time was created JUST for that time of the month. At least, that’s what I am telling myself. You know…. to help tame your dragon. Apply to wrists before and during your cycle as needed or put it in the diffuser or in an Epsom salt bath. Your partner (and everyone around you) will thank you.

Want to feel relaxed and aroused?

Use YLANG YLANG. A single oil found in Joy and Sensation blends, two other favorites for making you feel happy and help you get in the mood.

Need a little more help getting in the mood?

Use CLARY SAGE* diluted on or around the lady parts.

CAUTION: Do not use Clary Sage if you’re pregnant. Save it to use during delivery!

Essential Oils for Guys

Don’t worry ladies, this is where we get your guys on board. Members always ask, “How do you get husbands on board with oils?” I tell them there are two ways to get your guy on-board. Bring oils into the bedroom or bring home a paycheck by sharing your oils. “Men never say no to more sex and more money.” #AmIRight?

Let’s talk about some oils that spruce him up, get the blood pumping, and help him stand tall and proud. If you know what I mean. *wink wink*


Go ahead, get the schoolgirl giggles out. I giggle every time. I mean is this name perfect or what? I think the name really says it all.

If you’re looking for a Golden Rod, then this oil should go in your Essential Rewards order.

This one is out of stock right now so keep an eye out so that as soon as it comes back, you can SNAG IT UP!

Ok so how do you use this one? Typically, use it in a love potion. Use on his inner thighs and work your way up. Pretty soon you will have a goldenrod on your hands, or in your hands. (Schoolgirl giggle.)


This oil isn’t a SPRUCE for nothing. It totally spruces things up. This oil helps your man STAND at ATTENTION. I’m totally stealing that from Lucy Libido. Her book, Lucy Libido, is awesome by the way and I highly recommend it if you want to dive even deeper into this topic. This oil really makes it a win-win for all. Who says no to firmer longer? He feels totally macho and you get to enjoy it all a little longer.

Use it with coconut oil as a lubricant or add it to your Tingle Massage oil for a little extra cooling for you.

Incorporate during pre-game time with a little play message. If he isn’t a fan of the floral scents then this 20 minutes before go time, in the diffuser, is perfect. Tell your guy not to worry, he won’t struggle with standing at attention long after the act is done. God made these oils and he knows when enough is enough.


Let’s get the circulation going and the blood pumping y’all! Lovemaking is a great cardio workout. Pair these two together and you will be rocking and rolling.

Dilute this one a lot before you apply it to the skin. We are trying to make positive memories not clips for a bloopers reel. Your buddies would be the only ones laughing.



Use the form below to grab a sheet of recipes for Oils and romance.


Check out my other webinar on hormones here.

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