5 health benefits of drinking from a copper pitcher or vessel

Ever wonder about the benefits of drinking water from a copper pitcher? We all need copper and sadly the typical American diet is very low in copper and even supplements don’t have much cooper in them. There are so many great benefits to getting cooper into your diet, here are 5 of them.

5 reasons to drink from a copper pitcher/vessel:

  • Supports a Healthy Immune System
    • Copper has incredible anti-bacterial and antiviral characteristics.
    • Scientists have recently found that using a copper jug will keep water pure and contaminant free and thereby significantly decrease the risk of bacterial infection.
    • It is precisely for this reason that copper water vessels have been used for centuries for the purpose of avoiding water-borne illnesses.
  • Contain Antioxidants sometimes referred to “fountain of youth”
    • Those anti-oxidants help the body produce new skin cells and fight off free radicals which can accelerate to the appearance of aging.
      possible anti-cancer
  • Helps with Arthritis and Inflammation
  • Can aid in Weight loss – Many times its not just diet and exercise that we need. We also have to detox, and copper water can help that.
  • Supports Thyroid health
    • Many people that experience health issues with their thyroid gland often suffer from a copper deficiency in their body

How to use:

  • Don’t drink too much, 1-2 glasses should be good.
  • Let the water sit in a vessel for about 6-8 hours

How to clean:

  • Do not put in the dishwasher.
  • Use dish soap and hand wash

Keeping a cooper pitcher shinny

Your copper vessel will patina (turn green) over time, but you can shine it back up with a pinch of salt and slice of lemon. Put the sale on the lemon and then scrub your vessel.

Check out the video for more great info!

Get the Free Cronometer app that is mentioned in the video here.

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