22 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Bring You More Joy

A fresh decade allows you to make resolutions that will make your life happier in the upcoming year. The goals you make for the next year matter, so you want to consider your resolutions carefully. 

Fill your life with more happiness and joy by trying to complete at least one of these resolutions each day:

  1. Laugh at least once a day. Laughter releases endorphins in the body and brings instant joy into your life.  
  2. Be grateful. Reflect on your daily blessings and find gratitude in them.   
  3. Find hobbies that make you happy. What do you enjoy? Tap into your natural passions with a new hobby that brings you joy. 
  4. Reconnect with nature at least once a week. It’s important to enjoy nature and find time to explore it. Try a quick walk.
  5. Volunteer to help a local organization. Instead of writing a check and forgetting about the charity, connect with a local organization that needs help. Your heart will be filled with joy as you help others. 
  6. Explore your creative side. Do you love art, dance, music, or another creative outlet? By exploring creative pursuits, you can find new happiness.  
  7. Express your appreciation to others. Ensure that others know you appreciate their efforts. Making them feel good makes you feel good too! A small handwritten note makes a huge impact.
  8. Clarify your priorities. Spending time on those activities that support what’s most important to you brings you satisfaction and fulfillment.  
  9. Organize events with friends. Your friendships can be a source of joy. 
  10. Exercise frequently. Exercise helps fight stress and increases energy. It can also improve your mood and make you feel happier.  
  11. Enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. It’s important to enjoy the foods you love, but eat them in moderation. You can find instant joy by sipping your favorite wine or eating your favorite chocolate. 
  12. Get enough sleep. Researchers have found that getting enough sleep boosts happiness levels.  
  13. Stay present in the moment. You can find joy in the little things by enjoying each moment of the day.  
  14. Keep your mind active. An active mind avoids boredom so that you can find more joy. 
  15. Make new friends. New friendships instantly add joy to your life. 
  16. Spend more time with your children. Instead of watching TV or focusing on work, find more time to spend with your children. See the joy of life through their eyes.
  17. Avoid anger. Giving in to anger drains the joy from your life and makes the people around you miserable. 
  18. Encourage the people around you. As you encourage others and help them find happiness, your own joy will increase.  
  19. Do something just for you. It’s essential to find time for yourself. 
  20. Look for the positive aspects. Find the silver lining in all situations. 
  21. Smile more. Make smiling a priority, and watch joy fill your life.  

New Year’s resolutions can be a powerful way to transform your day to day life. Please download and print out this PDF of these resolutions and post it somewhere to remind you to try and do one each day.

Jen P

Hi! I'm Jen, and I love teaching others how to live a toxic-free life. It's time to ditch those chemicals and get back to better wellness.

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