Ditch the Toxins Course


Let me guide you to a more non-toxic home!

Ditch the Toxins Road Map is a 4-week course that you can take on your own where we go through each area of your home and help you identify what to switch out.

You may be living with up to 80 different toxic products in your home and each one of those stack on top of each other to create what’s called your ‘toxic load’. This toxic load is making you sick and putting a toll on your body.

Let’s work together to identify those and kick em to the curb!

Limited Time Bonuses

  • 4-week meal plan
  • Easy recipes to make your own cleaners
  • Easy recipes to make your beauty products
  • eBook – Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety
  • eBook – 50 Health & Wellness Uses for Aromatherapy