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Video Transcript


All right. Hey everyone. Welcome.




Go ahead. Start coming in. Let me know where you're from. We're just going to wait a minute just to let everybody in. It's go ahead. Grab your favorite drink, tears. Sorry. I know my video is a little dark too. I could get my other camera to work, so I had to use the default camera.




All right. So welcome everyone. I'm going to give it just a few more minutes to let everyone in the room. So in the meantime, go ahead and let me know where you're from.


All right, cool. Cool. Cool. All right. So you may be an avid gardener, or you may just be a startup Gardner, but there are always some basic things that seemed to apply to everyone during all stages of their gardening journey. So like the weeds and the past and the bad harvest show up every year in the garden. But this class is going to show you how to tackle even some of the hardest challenges of the season. So you'll have a couple of tricks up your sleeve and you will hopefully succeed from the day the seed goes in the ground until the day you have your harvest. So using essential oils in the garden process helps the garden in a way that results in fruit and veggies that have been lovely cared in the most organic way. So you can even achieve at that affordability sustainability and this, all of this without the use of harsh chemicals.


All right, guys, ready? So this, oops, let me get the next slide. This is actually the state of my garden right now. I'm very embarrassed to say yes, I have chickens and they raided my whole garden. I got raised gardens this year and they ate everything. So I had to start over next week or this weekend, but no worries. I'm going to get a really nice like a, I guess I called a deer fence and I'm going to put around my garden and I'm going to be over. So let me know, go ahead and put a chat. How are you? And you're guarding the stage. Where are you guys at? I've always loved flowers, but once I started to eat organic, I really started growing my own vegetables. Last year was really great. I had a lot of tomatoes and a lot of cucumbers, which was really awesome.


This year I was trying to expand tomatoes and I had peppers already growing and these little cute Dickens ate. 'em All. So I'm going to go ahead and start over. I've got some seed seed liens already growing, so hopefully I can get those in the ground this weekend. So go ahead and put it in the chat. Don't be shy. And let me know, I have you guys been garden before, or are you having troubles with your garden? How's it going? All that good stuff. So there is a giveaway at the end of this webinar. So you do have to be live in order to be eligible for that. At the end of it, I will pick one winner who is here live, and they are going to get, I have four packets of the insect, repellents wipes, and also a bottle of citronella.


So citronella is just awesome to diffuse and sh and you'll see, there's a couple of other really good ways to use it to, oops, I forgot the slide again. So here's is the giveaway that we're going to be giving away. All right. So what exactly are essential oils? So some of you guys might be new to essential oils, and I know I see a few familiar names, so I know you guys know what they are, but just so everyone knows essential oils are the chemical compounds that make up the lifeblood of a plant. They have even been referred to as the immune system of the plants. We are able to use them through the process of the stilling after harvesting them. And the part of the plant with the beneficial chemicals stems, leaves, bark, et cetera, is harvested and sent through a meticulous distillation process.


Every plant needs a very specific distillation time. And young living has spent a 25 years perfecting that art. So after the plant is distilled, a concentrated oil is the results and it's potent and loaded with benefits for your all over health wellness. And it can be used topically, aromatically and internally. So these beneficial chemicals in the oils can be absorbed in our body and our plants in our garden to maintain the optimal overhaul, overall health and wellness because they are so concentrated. One little drop goes a long way. So I also want to caution you, you can use a whatever oils that you want to, whatever you have in your arsenal. I personally use a young living, but one, some of the stuff that we're going to be doing is putting them on the plants, putting them in your garden, putting them on you. So you do want to make sure that you have a really good assumption oil. You want to don't. If it's from one of those big box stores and it costs like two blocks, then pitch it because it's probably filled with a bunch of fillers that have chemicals it, and we're using essential oils to help improve our health, not destroy it. So just be sure that whatever Wells you're using, they should be labeled for internal use and make sure you know, the company they're coming from and they're good oils.


All right. So let's tackle the outdoors. It is no secret that bugs can totally ruin your garden plans for eating your plants, to taking a bite out of you. They can really dampen any gardening dreams. So you can use insecticides or sprays made from harsh chemicals, but certainly at a cost to you and the environment they can lead to the accumulation of toxins in your body and even your plants that link it to chronic illness and disease. So we definitely do not want to do that. So young living already has an insect repellent. As you see, I'm giving away some wipes and that works really well. But if you want to do a DIY recipe or you don't have the wipes, then you can use it this outdoors spray. So this ultra spray is just two ounces of witch Hazel, two ounces of distilled water, 20 drops of thieves, 20 drops of lemon, 20 shops, Rosemary and 20 drops of sensor Nella. You put this all together in eight glass spray bottle, and then you just shake it super easy, but keep in mind that you should spray this on your plants just once at night. Because when you put the spray on your plants in the sunshine, sometimes it can actually burn the leaves. So you definitely want to do it at night.


So if you guys got your downloaded the booklet, when you registered then that also has these recipes in it. But if you need it again, you can just let me know. Alright, so pets in your garden. Yes. As you can see, I have chickens in my, I bought the raised beds to keep the dogs out, but then the chickens got in. But so now we know we all love our pets and we love and adore them, but sometimes we just can't keep them out of the garden. So as much as we love them, let's face it. They can get in the garden and caused quite a mess, you know, produce a simple and safe way to encourage them to stay away is by using sense. So dogs dislike the smell of black pepper and cats dislike the smell of Rosemary. So therefore they will stay away from areas with that set.


So what you can do is you can drop five to 10 drops of essential oil in a shallow pan of warm water, whisk it into the oil is spread throughout the entire water, take some old wash washcloths and put them, tear them up into little strips and soak them in the water for about 30 minutes. Then dry them out and you time around with little steaks and you keep, those will help keep the animals at Bay. Now I'm hoping that they will keep my chickens away, but if not, I'll have to figure out what chicken. So like, so do you guys have trouble with your your, with your in the garden? Oh, Theresa. Okay. Let me see. I'll send you another PDF. I'm not sure why your pages are blink, but I can definitely give you another one and hopefully you can print them out.


Otherwise it can print and mail to you. All right. So on one, an unpleasant growth, you know, those weeds, those things, Oh gosh, I hate those things, especially seems like when it's like this time of year, when it rains a lot, and then he gets muggy, they just get out of control. So you could waste so many hours on weeds. Summer is short enough. Let's not spend unnecessary time dealing with weed overgrowth. So if you're trying to get rid of unwanted plant growth, that doesn't involve harmful chemicals, which a lot of them are linked to, to neurological hormone and overall health imbalances just know that there are some safe alternatives. So we hate cinnamon. So try your hand at this easy DIY. So I need to do is add 25 to 50 drops of cinnamon bark in a four ounce glass spray bottle, top it off with distilled water, shake it, and then just spray it on the weeds.


That was the roots and leaves. So I've also done this with vinegar, a little bit of Epsom salts and then the cinnamon bark. I think I tried Clode before too. So definitely a great, easy nontoxic way. And especially if you're somebody like me, I have chickens in my yard. So I really definitely don't want to be spraying any chemicals because like chickens just eat pretty much everything. So it's a really great alternative and it's actually cheaper too, which is nice. So sometimes I'm wanting friends begin to grow on our beloved plants that growth can that sometimes can cause poor growth that harvest and even plant death. So they can block the pores of the plants, responsible for breathing and eventually choke out the plant completely. They also steal vital nutrients from the plants, which significantly discrete decreases the amount of your harvest. And you definitely don't want that. So you can go ahead and you can try this plant love spray. So you put 10 drops, each of tea, tree peppermint citronella, and put them all in a four ounce glass spray bottle. You top off with distilled water, you shake it and spray along the affected parts of your plant during your garden chores. So again, a super easy, great way to kind of help out your plants.


Alright, companion plants. They said we could try that again. Companion plants. So if you've been around the gardening scene a while, you've heard of companion planting, and if you haven't let me in like view, so this is something I started doing actually planting. And I'm really curious since I found out you can actually do it with essential oils too. So this is very cool that you can kind of do this. So some plants play together, others don't and this, because every plant has certain nutrients that it uses from the soil for growth and fruit production. So also plants excrete, certain byproducts back into the soil that can help other plants out. Or if you get the wrong list, plan together, they are going to hinder your harvest. So if you go to plants next to each other, that both rely strongly on nitrogen for growth, they will compete and overuse the nitrogen, the soil, and start each other out.


Corn and tomatoes are an example of plants that don't play nice together. Conversely, if you plant two types of plants next to each other that eat nutrients differently, they will work together to promote each other's growth. A good example is tomatoes and carrots. They work together in the soil, therefore the plant next to them, each other plan on next to each other. And it will result in a more bountiful harvest. So, and if you go, if you look on Pinterest, there are all kinds of charts to see what planning together will really help you out. So what does this have to do with essential oils? Well, essential oils are made from the plants. So consider using oils in place of your companion plants. For example, if you're looking to plant lavender next to green greens, grab your lavender essential oil instead create a companion splay spray to use on the soil and leaves of the plant using this guide.


So at 10 to 15 drops of the corresponding essential oil to a four ounce glass spray bottle, top that bottle with distilled water, shake it before, use so easy. So you can see here in this little chart. So like, if you want to plant green beans, a companion plant would be lavender and Bazell broccoli would be Bazell or time carrots, Sage cucumbers, Sage against Sherman came on meal potatoes pages he's Faisal unsaved, and then tomatoes or basil. So you could see like your herb. So Herb's are awesome to kind of intermix with your regular vegetables. So what's one fruit or veggie that you guys have trouble growing. I know for me, it's peppers. I don't know why I get peppers to grow. And they only grow like this little, tiny bit and then they never keep growing, but I looked it up and it looks like I need to start planting some Faisal or using the basic oil next to you a mind.


So I'm going to definitely give this a try when I replant my peppers, right? So pollinator party, did you know that some plants, self pollinate, fruits like peppers can stand alone and produce fruit? Not every plant does that. Lots of them that need help of cross pollination between male and female parts. So knowing know who helps with that pollinators. So bees and butterflies are some of the friendliest insects you can get into your garden without them you'll have messy or measly harvest and be disappointed that all your hard work didn't result in a delicious plant. You want it. So pollinators are attracted to the smell of flowers. And luckily some of our wonderful essential oils are from distilled flowers. So it's so convenient. Create a spray using essential oils to spritz on the flowering beds of your garden, to encourage pollinators, to come in and get the job done.


So this is the pollinator party spray I need to do is add six to eight drops of lavender and orange essential oil to a six ounce glass spray bottle, and top it with distilled water. So you shake spray and party with the pollinators. I don't know if you guys can hear that, but it's really raining out right now, getting a little distracted. All right. So tending to the harvest. So it's the most wonderful time of the year is harvest season. All of your hard work and patience has paid off and you get to collect delicious, fresh food from the earth and you eat to your heart's content. And if you're like me, I produce all organic and I save a bunch of money. So sometimes I find that fresh produce goes bad before I can eat it. And that's because bacteria rust on your fruit and without the support of the plant, the fruits and vegetables breaks down and they can grow nasty spots on them.


So as you can see, it's always important to wash your fruit and veggies. It keeps you and your family from ingesting, yucky, gross things, and the pro the pro whatever the produce may have tagging along. So yellow limping has an exclusive Thiede fruit and veggie soak, which I absolutely love. And you can just soak the food. It loosens the dirt and other credit and rinses right down the drain. So you can even produce your own prodo soak with a sink full of warm water and several drops of thieves and lemon essential oils. So it's again, super simple. So if anyone has never ever noticed that fruits and veggies get in the house, sometimes those pesky winged creatures magically up here. So try out this really simple diffuser recipe using your oils to keep yourself saying who's gotten those fruit flies before. Oh my gosh, they're nasty.


Oh, I had a really bad experience. Doing some countertop composting. Oh my gosh. I opened that lid and like the thousand of 'em came out. Oh, it was terrible. So here is the recipe. Get two drops each a basil peppermint, lavender globe, and eucalyptus radio. Wish I would've had this recipe. I just used a purification. And that actually seemed to work too. So the last, if I have for you, keeping your harvest fresher for longer is to clean your storage containers. So young living also makes a mazing thieves, dish soap, which contains no sulfites dies from aldehyde phosphates or synthetic perfumes. And it has a delightful citrus scent. And it's actually one of my favorites too. I love everything in the thieves lines pretty much.


Alright. Canning season is anyone. Can I haven't I, the only thing I've canned is pickles, I think. But I do want to try it. I usually eat everything I produce, so I don't have too much leftover if we canning, but now I'm going to have twice the size of the garden. So hope I will have some, so we can talk on this topic forever, but I'll keep it brief and share some of my best hacks in order to can 30 courses, spaghetti sauce. You need lots of oregano. Lots of buying dried oregano adds up, and it's very fast in order to achieve the flavor you want in your recipes. But remember we talked about how essential oils are concentrated liquid forms of the plants. You better believe that means there are packing a big flavor punch for each Rocco. You, you, you use for one large pot of spaghetti sauce.


I use two to three drops of oregano vitality, essential oil, as opposed to a much louder, larger amounts of dried oregano oil. So that's, it, it goes so far and has such a rich and pure flavor. It saves money and it's a high quality ingredient. So when I make my spaghetti sauce, well, one week I haven't canned it cause we just eat it right away, but I'll use a rhino and I'll also use Bazell and mine too. So my, my son loves it. So young living has an entire line of Italian oils, not just oregano. So it is a great selection of herbs and spices and even some citrus ones too, plus they're all non-GMO certified.




All right. So love for the gardener. So, you know, when we love our plants and we are breaking our backs and scraping our fingers and enduring biting bugs in order to give them the best chance they've got. So young living knows that you're just as important as your precious plants and a whole host of products to help care for yourself. So for a little bit of muscle love, stiffness can be a thing of the past. When you use a little deep relief roll-on or Panama on sore muscles, simply roll or drop the oil on the area that's giving you grief and use as needed. So this is really great. I use this from too sometimes when I've been sitting at my desk too long and I get a backache, Oh my gosh. The deep relief on my back is awesome. So skin law, the lavender is an oil.


No Gardner should be without actually, I don't think anybody should be without lavender. So it may help cleanse and smooth, minor skin irritations. So keep it on hand. It also can be soothing to the skin after a day in the sun. So be a little too much sun try little lavender. Awesome. So if you don't forget to apply your outdoor spray, don't worry. This role of recipe will be just what you need. So this is a D I Y soothing stick. So you just grab a 10 milliliter roller and you put five drops, lavender, five drops per purification, three drops of peppermint, and then the carrier oil of your choice. So in that could be the [inaudible] or you can be grape seed oil or coconut oil, whatever you like.


Alright. So did you guys learn some stuff? I hope so. I hope to I think pretty much most everybody on here is a member already, but a few are not, this is a great way to get started. So this is a yellow living starter kits. And right now, if you joined before May 31st, you're going to get a bonus of the lushest lemon foaming soap. So I love this soap. It smells great. It's perfect for the spring and for the summer. It's very great. And so if you do join, you also are going to get access to my ditch, the toxins course. So it's a course that I have created and it walks you through basically your lifestyle, how you can ditch all the toxins and get your health back on the right track. You're also going to get access to our team Facebook group, and then that group has tons of education and grace specials. So,




You guys ready? I'm going to pick a winner. Alright, let me, let me do a quick random, Well, I almost canceled out. I gotta be careful what I'm clicking on. All right. Let me, let me quickly grab everyone's name and I'll do a random picker. All right. Alright. So our winner is going to be


Sandra. All right. So if I don't have your name, right. I don't know if I, I don't think I have your address already. So if you can go ahead and send me that and I will get your prize out to you. So just again, want to say, thank you everyone. Thanks for coming out. I hope you learned something. I did record this, so I will go ahead and I'll send out the replay so that you can watch anything that you missed. And I will also again, send out the PDF and Theresa, I'll see I'm not sure why your pages were blank, where they blank in the PDF or where they linked just when you printed them out. So if you just let me know that I can definitely get you a new set. All right, guys, do you have any questions? Anybody? All right. Well, I will let you get on with your evening and I will catch you all soon. All right.


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