Young Living Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards - Your monthly wellness box!

"It's like your birthday EVERY MONTH!"

  • Essential Rewards is a monthly wellness box program that you process one time a month.  NOTE: All other orders that you decide to place during the month can be placed as quick orders.
    • Try to plan ahead for the month and put everything that you want into your essential rewards cart so you can take advantage of YL's monthly promos. (The 100, 190, 250 and 300pv tiered promos are released on the first day of each month. You can see the current monthly promos on the YL website.)
  • You can change the contents of your box each month.
    • We typically order something completely different every time based on what we need in the house or want to try next. (Laundry soap, Thieves cleaner, supplements, NingXia Red, etc)
  • You can change your process date each month.
    • If you need to order earlier, change your date to sooner.
    • Hit "Process Today" to process immediately.
    • If you aren't ready to order on your date, select a date further in the month.
    • You can always call customer service if you are looking to select a date that is unavailable or need help to process your order before the end of the month. Young Living Customer Service # 1-800-371-3515

All of these changes can be made in the virtual office under the essential rewards tab.

Be sure to save or it will not update!

When you change the products in your cart, make sure you click "Save Monthly Order" to SAVE your changes. You must do this every time you decide to change the contents of your cart! You'll know that you've saved correctly when you get to a screen that says "Congratulations! Your Essential Rewards Order Has Been Saved".

Your cart will automatically process at midnight MST on your ER date. You can change your cart as many time as needed until that time - just remember to click "Save Monthly Order"!


WHY should I join the Essential Rewards Program?

There are many reasons to join ER.

The biggest reason is wellness. In order to see changes in your health, you need to be consistent. That means using your product every single day. It is important to start limiting the number of toxic chemicals you expose yourself to so your body can function at its optimal level. Therefore using the rewards to ditch and switch is a no-brainer. 

Order your PSK and join rewards with a few extra products to try. (Laundry soap and all-purpose cleaner.) Next month, add in NingXia Red to your routine. The following month, switch out some of your skin care products. Then, replace some oils, and then replace a few more things. Use this program to transition your home to a toxin-free home and save money at the same time.

You also get Points back and free gifts when you are on ER.

Rewards Points 

This is the BEST part!! You will receive a percentage back on your monthly PV (Product Value) total each month. This percent back will be given as rewards points that can be redeemed for free oils and products starting in your third month on ER. These percentages will increase the longer that you stay on ER!

  • Months 1-3 receive 10% back in ER points
  • Months 4-24 receive 20% back in ER points
  • Months 25+ receive 25% back in ER points

Redeem rewards points

Simply place a quick order and choose the redeem points option. At the checkout screen, you will see the option on the left to select which products you want to apply your points to.

NOTE: You can only use points on products that have FULL PV value, meaning the one where the wholesale dollar amount matches the PV amount. The majority of consumable products qualify. We get SO many things with our ER points! One of our favorites to cash in points for is our NingXia Red!

Some examples of products that don't qualify are things like a PSK $160 - 100PV. Rose Oil $185.50 - 91PV, Diffusers also have less PV total than the $ amount and therefore you can not use your rewards points. Brand new products also do not qualify for points. But don't worry! SO many favorites are available with points.

Loyalty Gifts

You will also receive oily gifts after being a rewards member for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

  • 3 months receive  - Peppermint Vitality 5ml
  • 6 months receive - Thieves Vitality 5 ml
  • 9 months receive - Tea Tree 15 ml
  • 12 months receive - Exclusive Loyalty Blend 5 ml
  • Every 12 months after, you will receive an exclusive blend.

Watch Gary Young share about the loyalty blend he created exclusively for those on ER HERE. This is a video on FB so I apologize if you can't view it. 

* Loyalty oils will be replaced with substitutes if supply is low.

Important Ordering Details

You are only required to spend 50PV each month. If your order drops below 50PV during any month, you will start back at month one with 10% back. To ensure that you never drop below 50PV, YL has created a safeguard system called PV ASSISTANT.


Three EASY steps to sign up For Essential Rewards!

  • Step 1 - Select Essential Rewards on the left-hand side in your Virtual Office (VO).
  • Step 2 - follow the steps and fill up your cart. Don't forget to save!
  • Step 3 - Set your process date and manage your ER order anytime you want.

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