Ready to make a change in your health and lifestyle?

Are you ready to feel like yourself again?

You want to make a change but don't feel like you have the time or energy?

Then join us for this FREE 28 days to Elevate Your Mind + Body Challenge

This is a 28-day program in which you will be personally guided to make simple and effective shifts to implement in everyday life for sustainable change. We will give you tools to improve your health and wellness so that you feel more energized, and self-confident, and look your best so that you can elevate your health and wellness.

What to expect in this 28-day challenge...

Daily lessons filled with step-by-step instructions for making positive shifts that touch on important areas of personal growth such as healthy how-to’s in the kitchen and guided meditation. 

A private community to support you on this journey – A safe community of fellow friends and wellness warriors – A place you can ask specific questions along the way to ensure success. 

A downloadable workbook with activities to help you grow and space to reflect on struggles and successes.

A collection of recipes to stay on track all year long!


Weekly breakdown:

Week One. You will FOCUS on The FUNDAMENTALS. You will establish your goals for the weeks ahead and explore tools and resources for mind+body awareness.

Week Two. This week is all about FOOD and FITNESS. You will learn tips for healthy eating and will get awesome resources to help you stay on track with your goals.

Week Three. You will DIVE DEEPER into areas of your life that need a little TLC (tips for managing occasional stress, freeing yourself of toxins in your home and beauty bag, and even cleaning up your relationships).

Week Four. You will be guided through a 5-Day Clean Eating Cleanse. You will get a Downloadable guide filled with:

  • valuable info on detoxifying foods
  • a comprehensive grocery shopping list
  • recipes for five days (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • tips for healthy snacks
  • a daily checklist to keep you on track
  • and a week-long workout plan


Each lesson will offer a suggestion for making small daily shifts in your life. Some days will take a few minutes; some will require a little more time. If a little more time is required than you have on a certain day, just save it for another day, but in order to receive the maximum benefit from this program, be sure to complete it within the 28 days and without building up a backlog of more than a day or two.

We also ask you to spend 5-10 minutes each day to complete a small assignment in your workbook that corresponds to each day's task. 

We developed the recipes for this cleanse with the intention to be gentle on your digestive system. We have given you options to be able to prepare your meals to be vegan, vegetarian, or paleo while avoiding common foods that tend to cause inflammation.

Of course. The more accountability the better. 


Who is Jenolistic?

I was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) about 15 years ago and with that came many food allergies, well lots and lots of food allergies. At first, I thought it was a curse but I have slowly come to realize it was a blessing because I have really been looking at the food we have been eating and the environment we are living in. It became evident to me that not only did I have to change my eating habits but some of my environmental habits. Today we are surrounded by toxins in about every area of our lives and it’s important to remove the ones that we can.

Through the methods laid out in this challenge, I have been able to gain my energy back, remove much of the brain fog, been able to get off the medications I was on and basically regain the life I once knew.

While living naturally can be hard at first, it is a lifestyle change and once you adapt to your new lifestyle it becomes much easier. So take one day at a time and let's get started!


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